The Turn Wild diary will prepare you to thrive in increasingly remote and challenging natural environments. In a series of single and multi-day treks throughout the year you will be introduced to different aspects of serious trekking — technique; core strength and fitness; wild camping; gear preparation — before a final, epic trek where all these skills will be utilised in a vast wilderness on the front line of climate change. By pushing your mind and body hard before Your Great Adventure you will be in a position to feel confident and totally in control when you reach the stunningly isolated setting of Greenland’s glacial ice cap.

These treks and events are all available as individual trips for those who want try the Turn Wild experience before committing to a bigger challenge. Turn Wild can also tailor private treks and trek itineraries for corporate groups, see our Bespoke Treks page for more.

Base Camp — A One Stop Expedition Conditioning Workshop

March 23rd. Movement Clinic, London W10

This is where it begins, with a chance to meet the Turn Wild team and learn what it will take to prepare for Your Great Adventure. A professional mountain leader, fitness coach and osteopath will all be available at this private coaching session. They will assess your hiking technique and fitness, then give you professional training advice that will take your conditioning to the next level — without overtraining, whatever your age. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up expert advice on reducing and avoiding hiking injuries and niggles, even if your mind isn’t on a big trek with Turn Wild this year.

Individual price: £45 per person. Find out more.

The Southern Steppe — Expedition-Weight Backpack Training Day

April 13th & May 25th. Seven Sisters, South Downs

This day-long hike along an iconic stretch of British coastline will brief you on the often overlooked basics of trekking: what and how to pack; expedition cooking; and emergency operating procedures. You will also be encouraged to wear a weighted pack so you can assess how far your fitness has to go before Your Great Adventure.

Individual price: £45 per person. Find out more.

British Mont Blanc — Hiking Endurance Weekend

May 10th to 12th. Snowdonia, North Wales

We step things up with this two-day hike in Snowdonia National Park. This route is all about ascending — by the end of the second day you will have climbed the equivalent height of Mont Blanc’s Gouter route. It isn’t all about pushing yourself though, a hearty pub meal at the end of the first day provides a great opportunity for team bonding. If you have your sights set on Your Great Adventure you will be looking to increase the weight of your pack for this trek to ensure you are hitting your fitness goals.

Individual price: £235 per person. Find out more.

English Eiger — Wild Camping Weekend

June 21st to 23rd. Lake District

This stunning three-day trek through the Lake District provides a comprehensive introduction to wild camping — covering everything from choosing the perfect pitch site, to crafting your camp. Your Great Adventure approaches, this trek will get you comfortable being totally immersed in the wild for several days in a row. Hiking with a weighted pack will begin to feel easier by now, as you start to hit more and more of your training goals.

Individual price: £225 per person. Find out more.

Walk to Wine — Three-Night French Mountain Hut Experience

July 25th to 28th. Haute-Savoie, French Alps

Escape city life for a weekend in the French Alps with Turn Wild’s ever-popular Walk to Wine trek. Three relatively easy days of hiking between mountain huts shouldn’t push your endurance, but it is a great way to maintain fitness and enjoy great company on the trails. Haute-Savoie in south east France is known for its stunning limestone mountain ranges and amazing vineyards, so you can enjoy epic Alpine scenery by day, and great local wines by night.

Individual price: £225 per person. Find out more.

Final Greenland Brief

August 6th. A camping store on Kensington High Street, London

This session is all about making sure you are totally ready to survive and thrive on Turn Wild’s Greenland 2019 trek. Your mountain leader will assess your kit and advise if there is anything else you should consider packing. You can also review your fitness and pick up last minute conditioning tips to ensure you are completely ready when you step off the plane in Kangerlussuaq.

Individual price: included when you book Your Great Adventure.

Your Great Adventure — Greenland Ice Cap Trek

August 10th to 16th. Greenland

This is the big payoff: six days of trekking and wild camping in one of the planet’s great wildernesses. A fragile glacial environment on the front line of climate change, this is like nothing you have experienced before. By thoroughly preparing for this trek you will have put yourself in a position to really connect with your surroundings. Time to breathe in some of the freshest air on Earth and feel the confidence of knowing you are ready for whatever the wild throws at you.

Individual price: £1285 per person. Find out more.

Make it a reality

If you are ready to commit to the full Turn Wild 2019 diary, the full package can be purchased for £2115. This will include fortnightly face time with expedition leaders as you build you confidence, conditioning and expedition experience throughout the year, culminating in an epic trek across Greenland. Contact Ian on 07901 916 169 or to start your journey.

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