Bespoke Trekking

Turn Wild’s experienced mountain leader, Ian McClelland can provide bespoke trekking experiences to small groups of enthusiastic adventurers. Booking a bespoke trek amongst a small group of friends or colleagues gives you the luxury of choosing exactly where you want to go, and being guaranteed of good company on the mountain. You do not have to have any previous mountaineering experience but you must be committed to following through with Ian’s preparation advice.

Sample Bespoke Itinerary

Below is a rough outline of the services Turn Wild have provided for one client — a team of four London professionals with hiking experience ranging from little to none who wanted to go on a week-long expedition in Greenland.

  • Personal training services
    • This included individual fitness assessments and tailored personal training plans.
  • Training day in London
    • Ian helped them shop for appropriate mountain wear and equipment. He also covered the basics of packing, unpacking and repacking in low visibility environments that can occur during treks.
  • Weekend training expedition to the Lake District
    • On their first training expedition Ian worked through the basics of setting up camp and the basics of mountain first aid.
  • Weekend training expedition to Suilven (northern Scotland)
    • On their second training expedition Ian focused on teaching the team to navigate for themselves.
  • Seven-day Greenland Ice Cap Trek
    • Thanks to their training the team was able to trek across Greenland with minimal assistance from Ian. This gave them a unique sense of achievement which they could never have experienced in their daily office environment.