Base Camp — A One Stop Expedition Conditioning Workshop

March 23rd. Movement Clinic, London W10
Individual price: £45 per person

At Turn Wild we believe that the experience of trekking in the wild can be transformed through physical preparation. Every step feels better when your body is in the right condition, allowing you to properly appreciate your surroundings and get the most from every adventure. This four-hour Turn Wild training event will teach you to strengthen the most important areas of your body and also fortify against common injuries picked up on the trail. The day will end with a social where you can learn more about Turn Wild’s upcoming events for 2019.

Base Camp will be led by two fitness professionals and a qualified osteopath who will each lead training sessions focusing on three key areas: legs, glutes and core. In the leg strengthening class you will learn weighted lift exercises such as the deadlift and the Bulgarian split squat which will equip you to power up steep ascents. In the glutes seminar you will discover how long periods of sitting in offices can reduce how your glutes function. After a personal assessment you will be shown how to increase your glute activation through targeted exercises. The core session will focus on flexibility and technique, teaching you a core strength routine that you can use at home. This will build on some of the routines that can be found on our Turn Wild Fitness page here.

Only 12 places are available on this workshop to ensure sufficient one-to-one time with each of the fitness professionals and osteopath.



Ian McClelland is certified personal trainer and member of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders. He will be the lead guide on Turn Wild’s Greenland Trek 2019.


Lee Irvine is a strength and conditioning coach who founded The Movement Clinic gym in Kensal Rise, London. His holistic ethos incorporates not just strength and conditioning but establishing a mindset to keep pushing towards your goals, whatever obstacles you face. You can learn more about his coaching at


Peter Chierakul is a qualified osteopath who specialises in postural issues for office workers, as well as injury recovery and avoidance for hikers. His day-to-day clients include several Premier League footballers as well as high-level boxers and golfers. You can book a private session with him at

How to book

Cost is £45 non-refundable. If you cannot make it you may transfer your booking to someone of suitable age and fitness. In this instance as a sign of good faith Turn Wild will waive its £50 administration fee to transfer the booking.

Contact Ian on 07901 916 169 or
Find more about Turn Wild’s terms and conditions here.

What to bring

  • Loose-fitting gym clothes and trainers

  • Bottle of water

  • High energy snacks

What is included

  • Small group tuition of strength exercises, including the Bulgarian squat, reverse squat, deadlift and step up

  • Glute activation assessment by a qualified osteopath

  • Prescription of appropriate glute strengthening exercises

  • A core exercise routine

  • A flexibility routine

  • A group discussion with the three professionals (international mountain guide Ian, strength coach Lee Irvine, strength coach and osteopath Peter Chierakul) to answer training questions

  • Tap water, tea and coffee

What is not included

  • Snacks or sports drinks

  • A personal all body diagnostic session with an osteopath (he will assess your glute function only)

  • Any parking costs